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To be the recognized professional body and centre of excellence in all disciplines of spatial science embodied within the profession of surveying, with a strong membership committed to the sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

To ensure
• the importance of the surveying profession, its high levels of creative expertise, integrity and professionalism.
• high standards in the practice of surveyors in capturing and the use of spatial information
• the profession fulfills its key role in the social and economic development of the country

The Surveyors’ Institute of Sri Lanka is the National Professional Body of the Surveying Profession. It is a Founder Member of the Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy (CASLE) and the Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA). It is also a Member of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG). The Institute was incorporated by the Parliament Act No. 22 of 1982 (Surveyors’ Institute Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act).

President’s Message
It is a great privilege to me, to address this occasion as the President of the Surveyors’ Institute of Sri Lanka. We are here to celebrate the birth of the Sri Lankan Surveyor which took place 213 years ago.

Secretary’s Message
Dear Members!
Let us be together for the advancement of the profession and the institute wishing you a very happy new year.